Homeless Jesus Sleeps Among Vancouver’s Poor

Across the world, "Homeless Jesus" is a reminder to serve the poor. One may have even saved lives.

Eat, Pray, & See London From an Unexpected Place

As a travelling pilgrim, this stop allows you to eat, sightsee, and pray all at once.

London’s Oldest Churches

Beside the famous Tower of London and a quick walk to Tower Bridge stands All Hallows by the Tower, the oldest church in the City of London.

London’s Monument of Catholic Emancipation

In England and Wales, Catholics weren’t allowed to publicly worship from 1534 to 1791.

The Little Church of Drumheller

Drumheller’s beloved Little Church seats 10,000 people – six at a time.

20 Unique Churches in One Year

These are just 20 of a few lesser-known unique churches I've visited within a one year period. In some cases, the local cathedral isn't the only place to see these…